Cardio for the mountain

Maximize your stamina and endurance and boost your performance with our top-of-the-line Matrix cardio equipment. Test your strength on our power rower, a special rowing machine that takes your full-body endurance to a new level. Run on our endurance treadmill – no matter if you are sprinting or simulating a trail run up the mountain, there are all terrains and performance levels available on this treadmill. Our endurance suspension elliptical device offers a truly intensive full-body workout that also increases your stamina. Get closer to your performance goals in your personal fitness studio in Sölden.

Indoor bike training

Thanks to the panoramic view, our Matrix upright cycles and skill ride bikes bring the experience of cycling in the mountains directly to Alpina. Training units focusing on speed, endurance or pedaling technique - our indoor bicycles are designed to provide a realistic cycling and biking experience while working your whole body at the same time. With a view of the impressive alpine summits, you can complete virtual mountain tours or experience intensive training units, regardless of the weather. Available only in your gym at Alpina in Sölden.

Muscles & strength

Tone your body and build up muscle strength using our comprehensive Matrix strength training equipment. The MEGA half rack and the 5-station tower offer countless options for varied and effective training sessions. Several other devices such as lat pulldown, high triceps pushdown, seated row and leg extension or leg curl promote your strength in all muscle groups. Thanks to a wide selection of dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells and functional training equipment like medicine balls and thera-bands, you can design your very personal workout. Strengthen yourself for the challenges of the mountain world in your fitness studio at Hotel Alpina in Sölden.

Here you can give it all


We have set up a brand new fitness room with state-of-the-art Matrix fitness equipment in 2023 - so that you can also give your all indoors at Sporthotel Alpina. In other words: an entire gym just for you in Sölden. Therefore, you will master the high alpine challenges of Ötztal even better and in a more confident way. Training units with brand new fitness equipment, dumbbells, indoor bikes and a lot more right amidst the breathtaking mountain panorama. You can also look forward to a training experience that optimally prepares you for your adventures.

Cardio performance
  • Matrix Power Rower (rowing machine)

  • Matrix Endurance Treadmill (treadmill)

  • Matrix Endurance Suspension Elliptical (cross trainer/stepper)

  • Matrix Upright Cycles (bicycle ergometer)

  • Matrix Skillride bikes

Strength training
  • Matrix MEGA Half Rack

  • Matrix 5 station tower

  • Matrix Lat Pulldown and Matrix High Triceps Pushdown

  • Matrix Seated Row

  • Matrix Leg Extension and Matrix Leg Curl

  • Matrix Down/Low Back

  • Matrix Chin-up

Dumbbells, kettlebells & more
  • Dumbbells from 1 to 36 kg

  • Barbells and SZ dumbbells (weight plates from 2.5 to 20 kg)

  • Kettlebells from 6 to 16 kg

  • Medicine Balls, Thera-bands, Mats, etc.

All equipment and utensils in our fitness room are available for free use and are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.