Balance & equilibrium


Sauna, steam bath, silence and - above all - pleasant warmth: it not only feels good, but is also the ideal complement to your alpine sports program in Sölden. That's why you can enjoy wellness in our 300 m² spa parlor for adults only. Including saunas, steam baths, Kneipp pools and many more highlights. For fast recovery programs and top-notch sporty performance in the mountains of Tirol. The use of our wellness parlor, that is open from 3:00 pm to 8:30 pm, is already included in the room price for all guests staying at Hotel Alpina. Please find a complete overview of all services included here.

Sauna enjoyment

The intense heat of the sauna helps to relax your muscles and relieves tensions. At the same time, your blood circulation is stimulated, which supports the removal of metabolic products and the supply of nutrients to your body muscles. It can considerably speed up recovery after your workout and prevent sore muscles. Additionally, sweating in the sauna promotes the elimination of harmful substances and thus contributes to your general well-being. Wellness is of utmost importance to us here at Sporthotel Alpina in Sölden. Here you will find several saunas such as our stone pine sauna with its soothing scents or the Ötztal sweat room providing revitalizing heat.

Water & heat

After a soothing session in the sauna or steam bath, there is nothing more refreshing than a revitalizing unit in our Kneipp pool or whirlpool. The combination of cold and warm water has an invigorating effect on your body and can help calm your mind. Enjoy the invigorating effect of fresh spring water straight from the Ötztal mountains.

Steam bath

As a gentle alternative to the traditional sauna, the steam bath is ideal for all those who like it a little less hot. The smooth combination of warmth and humidity creates a climate of profound relaxation as high humidity opens the pores, cleanses the skin and has a positive effect on the respiratory tract. Our steam baths include the herbal steam bath and the blossom steam bath. In the herbal steam bath you will feel the healing power of local herbs at a quite moderate temperature. The blossom steam bath, on the other hand, provides pleasant radiant heat coupled with the fragrant aroma of flowers.

Panorama fitness

In our state-of-the-art and well-equipped fitness room you will find everything you need for an effective and successful workout. Improve your cardio fitness level and general endurance, train for the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon or get in top shape with targeted stamina training using our Matrix Skillride bikes, high-quality Matrix equipment and a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells and more. Our fitness room is located high above the roofs of Sölden: let the panoramic view of Ötztal’s splendid mountain scenery inspire and motivate you while you really break a sweat and do something good for your entire body and mind.




Freizeit Arena Sölden

Here with us at Hotel Alpina in Sölden, wellness goes just one step further: in addition to our in-hotel wellness area, you will find a wide range of wellness & swimming options at Freizeit Arena Sölden. Only 350 meters away, it can be reached easily in about five walking minutes. For all guests staying at Alpina admission is free all year round!

  • Swimming pool at a water temperature of 30° Celsius, bubble & light effects and enough space for relaxed laps
  • Wellness area incl. Kelo log cabin sauna (90° C), sanarium (50° C), herbal bath tepidarium (39° C), steam & inhalation bath (45° C), relaxation room and fresh air room
  • Well-equipped gym
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis courts
  • Bowling alley promising fun and entertainment

AQUA DOME Längenfeld

Splendid AQUA DOME in Längenfeld is only a short drive from Hotel Alpina and enchants visitors with several thermal bath pleasures and spectacular panoramas. With your included Summer Card you get two free admissions in selected summer periods. Discover all the highlights of AQUA DOME:

  • Twelve indoor and outdoor pools, filled with healing thermal water coming from a depth of 1865 meters
  • Sauna world with a wide range of different saunas incl. Finnish sauna, herbal sauna and steam bath
  • Massages, treatments, beauty rituals and a lot more available at AQUA DOME’s spa offer
  • Fitness center
  • A selection of restaurants and bars with a variety of culinary options